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Forrest Signs, LLC
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Hello to our friends and customers from Nina and Norman Forrest--Forrest Signs, LLC. With the release of our Ready-Made STORE SIGNS, we have a new and exciting product for you now sold through our online store. Go to our website, and start shopping! Packed with our signs are all the materials you need to display them—and directions for how to do this. It's really easy!

Please note that Information discussed on this page refers to Customer Service for STORE SIGNS by FORREST SIGNS, LLC., STORE SIGNS is our online store accessed through our website For questions related to customer service for our custom sign business Forrest Signs, LLC, Midland Park, NJ, please contact us by phone or e-mail.


At any time, you may e-mail or phone us for additional information about our products, how to use them, and information about our company. However, before you do that, you may want to go directly to our website for published data. You can find that in the sections: ABOUT OUR SIGNS, CUSTOM-MADE SIGNS, ABOUT US, and CONTACT US. Then, if you still have questions, CLICK HERE to CONTACT US or phone at 201-988-4557.

We want to hear from you! Contact us anytime with suggestions, and/or concerns. CLICK HERE to CONTACT US or phone at 201-988-4557.

Shipping and Handling


We determine Shipping and Handling Fees for items purchased electronically through our website by table rates. Our table rates are based on averaged Shipping and Handling costs within the price ranges of the products we sell. The Shipping and Handling Fees of our products are first determined by the size and weight of the products--along with the cost of the packaging. Then the fees are averaged, in relationship to the fees of other products in the same price range.

Prior to Checkout, we will notify you of your Shipping and Handling Fees. We will also inform you of the time needed for Shipping and Handling your product—and of the shipper we will use for the job. We will not confirm your order without your approval. You may accept or decline our terms.

If you wish to have your item(s) shipped by a method other what we offer online automatically, we can make other arrangements for you. To do this, we will need to place your order offline. Please contact us at 201-988-4557, and we will make special arrangements for you. Our goal is your satisfaction!

In the Order Process at Forrest Signs, your payment will not be deducted from your credit card account until your items have shipped.

Methods of Shipping

For most of our items, we ship USPS Parcel Post®. We have determined that for most of our items, this method is the most reasonable and cost effective way for us to deliver your products to you. Because of the outsized configuration of most of our boxes, shipment by other means can be considerably more expensive.
However, please note that for some items, we may ship by means other than USPS Parcel Post®. This is when we get better pricing by a different method. In some instances, we ship our signs by USPS Priority Mail®. With small items, such as replacement accessories, we ship by USPS First Class mail®.
USPS First Class Mail®

Shipping & Handling - You will receive your package in no more than 9 days after Order Confirmation:

• 2 to 3 business days - Processing and Handling.
• 3 to 6 days - Shipping USPS First Class Mail®.

USPS Priority Mail®

Shipping & Handling - You will receive your package in no more than 6 days after Order Confirmation:

• 2 to 3 Business Days - Processing and Handling.
• 1 to 3 days - Shipping USPS Priority Mail®.
USPS Parcel Post®

Shipping & Handling - You will receive your package in no more than 12 days after Order Confirmation:

• 2 to 3 business days - Processing and Handling.
• 2 to 9 days - Shipping USPS Parcel Post®.

Processing / Handling

For Processing and Handling, we require 2-3 business days prior to shipping to get your product ready for you.

Checking the Status of Your Order

Please note that in checking the status of your order, either by Confirmation Number or Tracking Number, the number may not immediately appear on the shippers website. Please be patient. Phone us at Forrest Signs if you have any concerns: 201-988-4557.


If you are located in New Jersey, or another state that requires Sales Tax, the fee will be added to the cost of the product. The fee will be calculated for you for your acceptance-- prior to checkout.

Return Policy

You will have a money-back guarantee, if you return your item(s) within one month of purchase. Along with the item(s), you must also return the unused accessories shipped with the purchase. We recommend that you put the product back in the box in which you received it, along with any packing material originally found in the box. Please also complete the return form and include that in the package. We want to know the reasons for return. In addition, CLICK HERE to send us an email or phone us at 201-988-4557 with further input. We want to do everything we can to insure your satisfaction.

If you are a returning damaged goods--or were sent the wrong item(s)--please contact us and we will issue you a Return Label for free shipping. Upon receiving your return, we will send you your replacement item(s). If you are returning the item for other reasons and want your money back, we have packed a Return Label for you in the box for easy return. If you use this label, you will be responsible to pay for shipping.

Please contact us if you have any concerns with return. Please CLICK HERE to send us an email or phone us at 201-988-4557.