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If you see a ready-made STORE SIGN on our website that you like--except that you would like to change it a little--give us a call. There are certain things we can do to our stock signs to adjust them to meet your personal needs. Orders for customizing our stock signs, must be make by phone at 201-988-4557. Although we can only make limited adjustments in customizing a sign, here are five things we can do for you:

1. Take a sign, keep the picture, but change the wording:

Please Note: The new wording must fit properly within the space. The fee for this adjustment is $35.00--added to the price of the sign.


2. Take a sign, keep the wording, but change the picture:

Please Note: The new picture must be chosen from among pictures on signs shown on our website. Also, the new picture must fit properly within the space. The fee for this adjustment is $35.00--added to the price of the sign.


3. Adjust the size of a sign, either larger or smaller:

Please Note: To stay within the price of $35.00 (added to the price of the sign), the increase or decrease in size must be no more than three additional inches in either width or height. The new size must have the same proportions as the orignal sign.


4. Make a Version of a Sign Minus the Holes at the Top:

Our Regular Store Signs and Menu Boards come standard with holes drilled at the top. (The holes are for display either for windows using suction cups or walls, using nails or hooks, etc.) However, you may not want holes drilled at the top of your signs--and, if so, we can adjust a sign for you that way. For instance, if you want to hang your sign in a picture-frame, the holes will be unnecessary. We can customize a sign for you, manufacturing it without the holes. We will not charge extra for this adjustment. However, with signs that would normally come packed with suction cups, we would not include the cups in the purchase--because, of course, they would not be needed.



5. Make a Sign with Squared Corners Instead of Rounded Corners

General Statement Store Signs that are rectangular in shape come standard with rounded corners. However, if you order a sign of this type with this shape, and you would like it manufactured with squared corners, rather than rounded corners, you can place a custom order for that. Squared corners are preferable when the intention is to frame the sign. This might be particularly desirable with rectangular signs for beauty salons intended to be framed.


Please note that squared corners are less durable than rounded corners. Because of this, we advise that a square-cornered sign be hung exclusively in a frame. There will be no extra fee for signs custom manufactured this way. However, please note that we do not pack suction cups nor tape with square cornered signs--nor do we drill holes in them, because these devices would not be appropriate for this product.


6. Make a Large-Sized "Window Menu Board" with Large Holes for Suction Cups:

Our large-sized "Standard Menu Boards" are made primarily for display on either easel-stands or walls. They come standard with small holes drilled at the top for use when your choice for display is the wall. Large-sized "Standard Menu Boards" can be displayed in windows by hanging them from the ceiling using wires strung through the holes at the top of the sign.


However, If you prefer to hang your large-sized Menu Board in the window using suction cups (extra large-sized suction cups to bear the weight of this sign), you can custom-order a special Menu Board we call our large-sized "Window Menu Board." This customized board is manufactured with extra large-sized holes drilled at the top to accommodate the extra large-sized suction cups needed to support a board of this size and weight. The cost of this customized board is $35.00--added to the price of the large-sized "Standard Menu Board." Extra larged-sized suction cups will be included in your order as part of the extra cost of $35.00.





Forrest Signs, LLC, located in Midland Park NJ, is the traditional sign shop division of our operation. At Forrest Signs, We serve your needs for personalized signage in many ways. At our workshop we provide extensive indoor and outdoor custom sign services: vinyl truck lettering, vehicle wraps, carved and gold leaf signs, lighted sign boxes, and banners, etc. We create signs and graphics on a multitude of surfaces. From our shop location, jobs are fully customized to your specifications. To access more information about our regular sign-shop services, go to the ABOUT US section of our website—or phone us directly at 201-988-4557

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